Eliminate Your Hot Water Bill

Using the power of the sun you can eliminate your hot water bill. The Sunvelope hot water system uses solar collectors to efficiently and economically heat the water in your existing tank.

Next Gen Hot Water

Crafted from modern materials and built to withstand the elements, the Sunvelope system has incorporated the most advanced technologies available in solar hot water into its compact high output system.

Freeze Tolerant

The freeze tolerant Sunvelope system directly heats the water in your tank which reduces cost by 75% while boosting output by 20%. Other systems require complicated and expensive solutions to withstand freezing conditions.

Sunvelope Solar Hot Water is


A simply elegant design with few moving parts and a web-enabled monitoring interface means you can rest assured that your Sunvelope system is producing hot water day after day and year after year.

Safe and Durable

With high quality materials including a stainless steel envelope and aluminum framing your system can last for decades. In addition, the Direct Connect design protects your water from contamination and overheating, so you can count on it to stay that way for the life of your system.


Your water is heated directly by the sun then circulated to your tank using a small PV panel that is included with your system, and sent to your tank. That is as clean as green energy gets.

A Valuable Investment

Direct water heating using an elegant system with only a few moving parts means that Sunvelope solar hot water can cost a fraction of other systems such as photovoltaic or wind for the equivalent amount of heat.

Easy to install

Sunvelope collectors have been designed to be compatible with almost any roofing system or none at all.  We offer several features for mounting in different configurations.


Sunvelope collector(s) can use your existing tank or you can select a new tank that better meets your needs. The flexibility to use the best tank for your home, and budget, is important and it is only available from Sunvelope.

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How the Sunvelope System Works

Direct Connect Sunvelope System

What you are looking at is the entire Sunvelope system. The Sunvelope collector with PV panel, the Pump Station with built in wireless monitoring, PEX plumbing and your hot water heater. Clearly with Sunvelope, it is a new day for solar hot water.

Integrated Wireless Monitoring

Data monitoring is standard with Sunvelope® because everyone should be able to make sure their system is heating water, and to show off your savings to friends, from the comfort of their laptop, tablet or smartphone!  And with Sunvelope’s advanced technology, digital controls and monitoring are an integrated, and free, part of the solution.  It is not an expensive add on with complicated wires and networking- which is typical of older designs.

And if there ever is a problem, or a question, your installer can log in to your system and answer most questions over the phone or computer quickly and easily.

You'll feel great about using clean energy.

The most advanced system on the market.
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No other solar hot water collector in the world can make these claims.

Independently rated

Sunvelope collectors are rated Freeze Tolerant by the SRCC (Solar Rating Certification Corp.) without using glycol, a heat exchanger or an extra tank.  SRCC OG 100 and OG 300 certifications.  Freeze Tolerant – tested to ISO 9806.

Elegantly Simple and Highest Performance

The Sunvelope system is the simplest solar water heater available. It is directly connected to your hot water tank without additional subsystems and heat losses meaning 20% more output in less than half the space of traditional systems.

Freeze Tolerant and High Output for Less Money

Only Sunvelope collectors utilize envelopes which can be frozen without damage, which means this is the least expensive freeze tolerant system – by far.

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Our Warranty

Sunvelope stands behind it product with a 10-year warranty for the collector and a two-year warranty on the pump station and monitoring.

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Patented Technology

Sunvelope Patent

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Sunvelope’s approved patent is a significant benefit for you. The quilted stainless steel envelope design contains over 7,000 welds in a typical 30 ft2 collector creating a narrow labyrinth of flow channels that are only 1/10” thick inside. This innovative design is the key to Sunvelope’s high efficiency and freeze tolerance. The widely dispersed thin layer of water absorbs heat quickly as if flows through the channels. Then, in freezing condition the water layer is so thin that it I not capable of damaging the rigid stainless steel layers.